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My name is Chris Siewing and I am the owner of  Nature's Re-Creations, LLC. After seventeen years of owning my business, I continue to realize more and more, that the key to my success has been how I treat my customers. As a service oriented business, I know the value of quality work. That is why I pride myself in instilling these values in each and every one of my employees. My company achieves the highest level of quality and service through extensive education and training. My team and I attend training on a regular basis, and that this is what sets us apart from all of the other companies in our area.

Our passion is water features, whether it is a beautiful pond with lots of plants and fish or a 'pondless' waterfall with a fifty foot stream and 10 different falls. We take pride in making each project better than the last. Our goal is to mimic what we see in nature so that after we have completed a feature, it appears like it has always been there and you built your house around it. Another one of our goals is to promote the water gardening hobby so that some day, everyone will be able to share the joy of owning a water feature of their own.

I hope some day soon, I can show you the wonderful potential that you have in your yard, so please give me the opportunity to share my passion with you. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Chris Siewing
Nature's Re-Creations, LLC

Our friends at Aquascape, Inc. have a new reality TV show airing on Tuesday evenings at 9pm CST on NatGeo Wild.
Be sure to tune each week to see these amazing projects like we do everyday in our local market.
We are so excited about this national exposure for the entire industry and hope everyone enjoys the show.

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Aquascape Certified - Pond Builder, Waterfall Builder, Waterscape Contractor

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Latest News

September 2014
Nature's Re-Creations was proudly ranked 4th in the WORLD by Aquascape, Inc. among all the CAC's at this years' awards ceremony during Aquascape's Pondemonium annual training event.  Honored and humbled, Chris Siewing, Owner of Nature's Re-Creations accepted this prestigious award.  Congratulations to Chris and his team for setting the bar so high and always striving to be the best.

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